24th Annual FAA Commercial Space Transportation Conference

February 16th and 17th, 2022 - Ronald Reagan Center, Washington D.C.



*Subject to Change*


Day 1: February 16, 2022


12:30 -  Registration Opens


Welcome and Keynote Introduction:

Caryn Schenewerk — Chairwoman, CSF; BG (ret.) Wayne Monteith — Associate Administrator of Commercial Space Transportation, FAA


Keynote Speaker: Administrator Senator Bill Nelson, NASA


Featured Speaker: Congressman Brian Babin — Ranking Member, Subcommittee on Space and Aeronautics, House Science Committee


Panel: The Second Revolution of Suborbital Spaceflight


Description: At a time when a growing number of commercial space companies are or will soon be providing cost-effective and frequent access to suborbital space for humans and research payloads, the importance of the utility of commercial reusable suborbital vehicles to contributing to NASA and the nation’s science, education, and technology priorities is a vital discussion. This panel will explore topics of commercial suborbital spaceflight and its importance to national objectives. 


Featured Speaker: Ezinne Uzo-Okoro — Assistant Director for Space Policy, OSTP


Panel: Why Space is Critical to Climate If You Can’t Measure It, You Can’t Manage It


Description: Space capabilities continue to provide the scientific community indisputable data in determining that climate change is both real and accelerating, and in understanding where the impacts are being most felt. These capabilities  assist in measuring temperature changes, precise counts of greenhouse gas emissions, sea-level rise, ice and forest cover losses, and more. This panel discusses this relevant intersections. 


Panel: Transitioning to Commercial LEO and the Future of Manufacturing in Space


Description: This past year, the commercial space industry has seen sweeping investment in commercial LEO infrastructure. The potential of on-orbit servicing and benefits of a commercialized LEO is helping to drive the future of commercial operation in LEO is a timely and relevant discussion. This panel will discuss the emerging commercial actors in LEO –  from space habitats to on-orbit servicing and perspectives on the future of commerce.


Presentation of PGS Scholarship Recipients 


5:45 Adjourn


*Additional speakers and panelists to be added. 

All-conference guests are invited to attend the Patti Grace Smith Fellowship Reception at a location to be determined.




Day 2: February 17, 2022

8:00 - Registration 

Announcing Soon: Opening Keynote 

Panel: Congressional Outlook

Description: Policymakers continue interest and engagement on space issues over the last several years. This panel will explore priorities and what to expect during this second session of Congress. 

Featured Speaker: Dr. Thomas Zurbuchen — Associate Administrator, Science Mission Directorate, NASA

Fireside Chat 

Featured Speaker: Administrator Steve Dickson — FAA


Panel: Upcoming Processes and Procedures of Regulatory Reform and Airspace Integration within Commercial Space 


Description: As technologies develop, the opportunity exists for tools  to manage airspace surrounding launch and reentry. This panel will examine what capabilities the aviation and launch industries would like to see in airspace integration over the next decade and  how recent policies have helped or hindered space advancements.

Luncheon, CSF Awards Presentation & Featured Speaker:

Luncheon Keynote: Senator John Hickenlooper — Chair, Subcommittee on Science and Space,  U.S. Senate Commerce Committee

Featured Speaker: James Reuter — Associate Administrator, Space Technology Mission Directorate, NASA

Panel: Sustainable Space Exploration: How Commercial Space is enabling the Exploration of the Cosmos 

Description: The U.S. continues to discuss and leverage? sustainable space exploration technologies to support Moon-to-Mars missions and science and robotic exploration toward other planetary bodies and destinations. This panel will discuss industry’s role in the creation of sustainable space exploration technologies and how commercial innovation and competition can  benefit national objectives.

Featured Speaker: Kathryn Lueders — Associate Administrator, Space Operations Mission Directorate, NASA

Panel: Space Situational Awareness, Space Traffic Coordination, and Orbital Debris Mitigation: Steps Forward


Description: Space Situational Awareness, Space Traffic Coordination, and Orbital Debris Mitigation are vital components to protect space as a critical infrastructure. In light of recent events and current conversations on these topics, this panel will explore regulatory and commercial SSA/STM technologies and what steps are necessary for continued progress. 

Panel: Advancing Space Launch Infrastructure


Description: Space launch infrastructure is the essential first step in getting to space. Our nation's space launch infrastructure consists of a diverse range of federal, commercial, and private launch sites, yet this is not a  uniform federal funding mechanism for infrastructure improvements at launch sites. This panel will discuss the associated issues and various solutions to advancing our nation's space launch infrastructure.

5:15 PM Conference Closing Statements: Wayne Monteith, Associate Administrator of Commercial Space Transportation, FAA

*Additional speakers and panelists to be added. 


*Please Note: CST 2022 will follow CDC and District of Columbia regulations and require proof of vaccination and compliance with mask mandates.

Updated: January 20, 2022